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Printable Samarai Sudoku Puzzle

How would you like to same many hours a years, and dollars every week? Reduce your expenses by maybe save $200 ore more a year?

It's not hard, just use free printable birthday cards from the Internet. Here's how.

1. Find free printable birthday cards you like by using your search engine. Just type 'free printable birthday cards' into Google or Yahoo search engines and quite a few sites will come back. Click through to several and look for cards you like.

2. Look for high quality graphics. You have to be careful, as many sites offer low quality graphics that look 'pixilated' and 'blocky' when printed out. You might try searching for 'high resolution free printable birthday cards' to zoom in on sites that offer high quality printables. My favorite format to download is a high resolution PDF file.

3. Download the cards you like. Download several - they're free! While you're at it, download 5-10 and keep them on your hard drive for future use.

4. Print carefully. Each site has particular instructions on how to print out their downloadable birthday cards, but typically you print the cards out on both sides of the same sheet of paper and fold the sheet in half. For instance, using standard 8.5" x 11" paper, when you fold it in half you'll have an attractive 8.5" x 5.5" card that gives you lots of room for writing a happy birthday message on the inside. If appropriate, have your children write and decorate the card as well.

Now count up the savings - instead of a trip to the card store, you only spent a few minutes to find the cards and download them. Instead of spending between $3 to $5 a card (can you believe card prices these days?), you spent perhaps $.50 for the ink in your color printer,saving you at least $2.50. If you send out just one birthday card a week, that's a savings of over $125 a year!

Free printable birthday cards are high resolution and can be easily found on the Internet and printed on your color printer in moments. When not expressing birthday wishes, Mitch also uses free printable Christmas cards and printable greeting cards.