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Printable Samurai Sudoku Puzzles

A never ending process where one learns more about the world and at the same become a better person is education. It can be acquired by reading books while others can get this by enrolling in a class.

Some individuals are able to develop certain skills by working on word puzzles and other games. You can try something else such as Sudoku if you don't want to think much or calculate numbers in the head.

This game is been around for more than 15 years. At first, it wasn't that popular but has been gaining ground since 2005. Its objective is to fill in some squares in a grid with numbers only once.

Many have been able to get it quickly although some people think it is hard to understand. This is done over a 9x9 grid with smaller 3x3 versions in between and that the numbers used only range from 1-9.

A three miniature 3x3 grids are simplified by an easy Sudoku. It means that there are about 27 digits. You cannot simply put the same numbers in the same position. Example, number 1 is on the upper grid of the first box so this can't be done with the others and should be placed elsewhere. For all the other numbers and those who are able to complete this wins, the same rule applies. For people who are not intimidated with numbers, this is an easy approach. Another 3 grids can be put by a person to make this 6 and after doing well here can now play the regular game... CONTINUE

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Written By Jed Baguio
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