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Cookie Monster is one of the favorite Muppets on Sesame Street so why not throw a Cookie Monster party? Everyone knows and loves their favorite furry blue friend Cookie Monster and throwing a Cookie Monster party is a way to celebrate him at your next birthday party.

Planning a Cookie Monster party is simple and fun once you get the basics out of the way. Obviously a terrific color palate for a Cookie Monster Party is bright blue. Pre-printed plates, cups, balloons and napkins are available at many discount or party stores. However, if you are looking to save a couple of bucks, head to your local dollar or party outlet store to purchase plain bright blue plates, napkins, plasticware and balloons.

While you can purchase a pre-made Sesame Street cake for at a local bakery for the Cookie Monster Party, or you can try something different to make at home. Celebrate his hungry lifestyle by making a large chocolate chip cookie and decorating it with icing to use as the crowning dessert for the Cookie Monster Party. Take a roll of cookie dough and spread it out on a standard pizza pan. Trim the edges to make a circle and bake in the oven. When complete decorate in your child’s favorite colors and trace a picture of Cookie Monster in the center with icing. After the candles are blown out, cut pieces and serve to guests.

Celebrate your child’s next birthday by throwing a Cookie Monster Party. Remember, cookies are a sometimes food but always taste great!

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