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Printable Super Sudoku Puzzles

The Super Bowl is the biggest one day sporting event in the entire world. Millions of people watch, and it is the dream of every product advertiser to have their product advertised during the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl pits the best team from the National Football Conference against the best team from the American Football Conference. It is an activity that whole families can share and enjoy together as the game is televised live.

One of the biggest attractions during the Super Bowl is the extravagant commercials that have attained air time. A few people have even admitted to watching the Super Bowl just to see the commercials.

As the Super Bowl returns to sunny South Florida for the ninth time in 2007, the game and the festivities will reflect its past in the location, while allowing America to see how the area has grown since its last Super Bowl in 1999. Miami is a popular vacation spot in early February, but for two NFL teams, their trip to South Florida will be all business when they meet in Super Bowl XLI on Feb. 4, 2007. South Florida, has a proud history of hosting sensational Super Bowl match ups. Super Bowl III, in which Joe Namath and the AFL New York Jets shocked the Baltimore Colts was held in South Florida. Super Bowl XXIII, in which San Francisco quarterback, Joe Montana, connected with John Taylor for the winning, come-from-behind, last-minute touchdown against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Those kinds of moments are typical of the theme of the 2006 NFL season -- "One Game. One Dream." "One Game" is the game of football itself, and the game that each team plays each week. As the NFL playoffs beckon, it truly is one game that keeps the "Dream" alive, and there is no doubt that Super Bowl XLI will not be the exception to this rule, whether you are watching for the game or watching for the advertisements.

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