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Printable Very Easy Sudoku Puzzles

Alot of people may not realize just how much society utilizes printable products. I think printable items can be one of those products we take for granted at times. There have been many times I myself have been in need of a chart or record keeping template and have been hard pressed to find a good one among the free ones that are offered online. So I found myself creating my own. I also become interested in designing printable products for crafting.

In the crafting industry printable products can take on many forms. With the computer crafting industry booming printable items are in sought out by crafters. Products such as:

∑ Altered Art
∑ Decoupage
∑ Tags
∑ Collage
∑ Gift Tags
∑ Greeting Cards
∑ Book Marks
∑ Printable items for fabric printing
∑ Scrapbook templates and elements
∑ Templates for gift boxes, envelopes, and various paper crafts.

Just to name a few. Besides the crafting industry there is also a market for other types of printable items like business related products such as:

∑ Charts
∑ Templates
∑ Calendars
∑ Stationery
∑ Thank you notes
∑ Organizational printable items
∑ Supply list templates
∑ Contact list templates

There is also a growing need for home schooling printable products as well as those geared towards children in general in the form of color pages, skill building products and many more. With a market only limited by ones imagination it's easy to see that profits could be achieved from designing and offering printable products.

Some of the benefits of offering printable items are:

1. The ideas can be limitless and the only limit is your own imagination.
2. Once created they can be sold over and over, thus creating a product that has endless resell value.
3. There is a growing need for a variety of printable products.
4. Printable product sales can be automated on the internet through various sites that offer this service.
5. Automated sales of printable products create less work for the designer.

The price of printable products can vary depending on the printable itself. If itís a simple business template or single printable image, the price may be between $2-$3 dollars. More complex products such as a premade scrapbook page may cost anywhere from $10-$15 dollars. The great thing about designing printable product though is once you have a product designed and ready for sale, the work is done and the product can be resold repeatedly.

So if you have always wanted to expand your current business by designing printable items or start a new business now is the time!

Kelle Arvay is the founder and developed a website where customers can purchase and download printable paper craft templates, patterns and free printables. In addition she is the co-publisher of Creative Times magazine, She has developed a multiple effective ways of marketing her business with great success.