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Most people are familiar with the game of bingo, pretty much everybody has either played it already or at least knows how to play it. Of course there are many familiar images associated with bingo. These include, for example, seniors playing the game in retirement homes, people playing as a church or community activity, and of course nowadays people playing bingo online through the Internet, but it would wrong to imagine that these familiar images form a complete or even necessarily representative picture of the game today.

Nowadays bingo is becoming popular with more and more people. This is partly because people are finding ways to adapt the game to new situations, such as special holiday-themed versions of the game (e.g. Christmas, New Year, Halloween, July 4th), or bingo adapted to social events (including baby showers and wedding showers), and partly because many educators are now using bingo as a teaching tool.

The thing that all these new adaptations and variations of bingo have in common, is they rely on special customized bingo cards. In traditional bingo, players use bingo cards containing numbers, however specialist versions of bingo use cards containing words or phrases appropriate to the particular them of the game. For example, a Christmas-themed version of bingo would use words like "Reindeer", "Santa Claus" or "Yule", a wedding shower version would use words like "bride", "cake" or "dress", and educational versions would use words that students are learning to read (English), math problems (math), names of elements (science), etc.

In the past, creating such specially-themed bingo cards, especially for a large number of people or entire class, was no easy task. Today however, you can simply print them out from your computer - with the right bingo card maker software, the job can take a minute or less!

By S. Tanna. To create your own custom bingo cards, please go to