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Puzzle Games Online

Only a few years ago, the world of mobile phone gaming was a completely different affair to today, and all that was available to play were simple puzzle games like Snake and versions of Tetris, however, with the increasing adoption of Java as a universal programming language for different devices, you can now get a huge variety of different mobile phone games to play on your mobile wherever you are, and whatever kind of gaming you are into.

From puzzle games to role playing games, the range is almost endless, and almost any major console game that comes out is now ported across to work on most modern handsets. Thanks to the increasingly powerful processors of these modern mobile phones, and the large screens that they boast, it is increasingly the case that the mobile phone is rivalling the Nintendo Gameboy and Sony PSP as the ideal means to play games on the go.

Buying games for your mobile phone has never been simpler. There are dozens of companies that offer the latest games for most handsets, and these can be downloaded straight onto the phone from the supplier. The cost is really cheap too, games for mobile phones generally only cost a couple of pounds, compared to prices of around 20 for games for portable consoles.

The quality of the games is fast improving, with high quality graphics and compelling game play now standard across the range, and as long as you keep up to date with your handset, you can always enjoy the latest titles in some form or another.

There are still a few drawbacks to playing games on a mobile rather than a dedicated console, such as the way the keys are laid out making it a little difficult to get the same kind of interaction that is available on a console, although the Nokia N-Gage handled this well, and it is likely to be equally well addressed in the future thanks to the growing importance of games on mobile platforms to the industry as a whole.

The lines between different gadgets are quickly being blurred to make the world of the mobile phone an increasingly large one. They are already competing with digital cameras, MP3 Players, and even PDAs when it comes to what they can do, and as the games mature, there is no doubt that a mobile phone will increasingly become the platform of choice for developers who want to reach a larger audience with their games.

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