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Puzzle Picture

There are a lot of jigsaw puzzles to choose from today. Pictures of everything from beach scenes to mountain views, avant-garde art to reprint masterpieces, and everything in between. Not only is there a variety in the number of scenes you can choose from, there is also a variety of sizes and border shapes available. Puzzles are a fun challenge to put together. They can also be a very nice gift. Here is a way of preserving them to create that gift.


1 Jigsaw puzzle

2 Craft paint brushes (sponge brushes if you are going to wash it out with soap and water, dry it and use again for the next coat of paint)

1 Roll of wide paper tape (inexpensive painter's tan tape)

2 Pieces of flat cardboard (approximately 2" larger than the expected size of the completed puzzle)

Decoupage liquid (sold in any craft section)


1) Decide which puzzle would be best according to the interests of the person who will be receiving the gift.

2) Put the puzzle together on one of the flat cardboard pieces. Find a place where it will be out of the way since it usually takes a while to get the puzzle completely connected.

3) When the puzzle is finished, brush on decoupage over the entire top picture surface and allow to completely dry. Be sure to get the decoupage liquid in the crevices between the pieces. This acts as a surface sealer and also helps in sticking the puzzle pieces together. The decoupage will dry fairly quickly and will dry to a clear finish.

4) Place the other piece of flat cardboard on top of the dried puzzle.

5) Tape the edges of the bottom and top pieces of cardboard together at several places on all the edges. The completed puzzle will then be sandwiched between the two pieces of cardboard. A few pieces of tape here and there will do to keep them the puzzle in tact until it is turned over.

6) Carefully and quickly flip the taped cardboard/puzzle/cardboard over to the other side. The completed puzzle will now have the back of the puzzle showing.

7) Gently remove the tape and remove the top piece of cardboard.

8) Cover the entire back of the puzzle vertically with tape strips. Gently press and rub the taped areas to make it stick better. Then repeat by taping the entire area again, placing the tape horizontally across the puzzle (tape on tape). And repeat once more, placing the tape diagonally across the puzzle, pressing and rubbing as you go. You should now be able to pick up the puzzle as one piece. However, if you want to be extra cautious, place the other piece of cardboard back on top of the puzzle. Then flip the cardboard/puzzle/cardboard trio over once more. There's no need to tape the edges again before flipping it this time.

9) Now that the taped puzzle shows the picture side again, paint the decoupage over it's surface again. Be sure to get the decoupage liquid in the crevices between the pieces. Allow to completely dry and paint the picture side with the decoupage once more. Allow to dry completely.

10) Frame the puzzle as you would any other picture.

NOTE: The puzzle becomes a gift of shared-time memories as well if the person it is meant for also helps you put it together. Just surprise them later by gluing it together and framing it.

Regenia G. Butcher is an author on a site for Creative Writers (http://www.Writing.Com). She is also a crafter and is currently working on a "quirky" word reference book. She usually not only sees the glass half full, but rejoices that there IS a glass. You can visit her portfolio at: