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Round Jigsaw Puzzle Frames

Basic knowledge of art has taught us that frames or lines draw the eye to an object. This is the aesthetic purpose of picture or artwork frames. The more practical reason for putting objects in frames is to protect them from damaging elements that could cause tears and folds.

As they are part of the total visual package of the photo or painting, frames must be beautifully and tastefully made, but they should not take away attention from whatever they are encasing. The key point is to understand that the role of the frames is to aesthetically compliment the picture. Another thing to consider is the thickness of the frame, which also contributes to the overall look of the picture or the artwork. When in doubt while choosing, stick with the simple designs. This goes also for choosing which make materials the frames should be of—silver, wood, plastic, etc. Metallic materials often connote class and minimalism. Plastic frames, while cheap, are best suited for commercial posters.

Simple decorating rules suggest that all elements of design must compliment each other. Thus, for example, if your living room has a contemporary, minimalist design, you may want to choose to put your pictures in frames with sleek appearances. If your home is leaning toward the heavily-decorated Victorian type, you may want to compliment the antique pieces all over the house with photographs and paintings in heavily gilded and intricately crafted frames. Country homes may be the perfect setting to be more experimental with your frame designs, incorporating nature (twigs, leaves, flowers, and insects) and eclectic designs in them.

For your standard-size photographs and paintings, you may find the right kinds of readily available frames in your local store or on the web. But you may want to try customized frames. These work best for irregularly sized photos and artwork.

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