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Simple, Printable Games That Kids Can Play

When you are going on a car ride, you need to have several activities prepared for to your kids, like printable games. There are simple, printable games online you can use for almost any distance trip. Print out several of them and you will have a variety the kids won’t get bored with.

• Tic Tac Toe – An oldie, but a goodie. This printable game can be found on numerous websites, including the instructions for play.

• Hangman – You still have to come up with the word or phrase for the game, but the alphabet and the hangman board are included on the printable sheet. This printable game would work great for spelling or vocabulary words during the school year, too.

• Dots – Remember the big, square shape of dots? It is now one of many printable games! You can find the boards in many different sizes, based on your child’s expertise.

• Word Finds – You can find word finds with an animal theme, a transportation theme…basically any theme you can imagine. Print out one or several, depending on your child’s attention span.

• Mazes – There are mazes for children of every age, from the simplest maze which takes one twist or turn to the most difficult where back-tracking will be a normal event. Print out many getting progressively harder and see how your child does.

• Connect-The-Dots – Kids just love to color, but they will have even more fun when they have to uncover what they will be coloring! Connect-the-dots are printable games you can find all over the internet, in all different shapes and sizes.

No matter what printable games you take along with you, it will keep your kids busy and you from going crazy. Try taking some printable games on your next trip and see!

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