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Solving Sudoku Puzzles

Suduko first appeared in the 18th century. It has made publicity in recent times after almost 200 years. It has now captured the minds of millions around the globe. Being a Japanese game it is pronounce in a number of ways including Sudoku, Su doku, etc. With internet accessibility the game can be played as web suduko online as well.

Contrary to what most people might believe it is much more than a mere pastime. Practicing this game gives one sharpness both intellectually and improving one's memory. It is a game particularly popular among middle aged to senior citizens. It helps them slow their aging process. Younger children are also being encouraged nowadays to play web suduko so to develop their logical thinking. Interestingly some employers even use it in selection process as part of their aptitude testing.

A lot of people believe that solving these puzzles doesn't require mathematical calculations. What it does instead require is a bit of jugglery with placement of numbers. That is why it appeals to people universally. The first step is to solve them the second one after then it to solve them fast and that is when you can be considered an expert in playing web suduko.

With practice one can solve these problems in under 5 minutes flat. Even the very difficult ones. To begin with, there are 2 broad approaches to solving Sudoku: (i) The Conventional Method, and (ii) The Possibility Matrix Method. You should learn both. With specific strategies, it is possible for even average players to double (or even triple or multiple) their solving speed. With time your aims should be to solve most puzzles in 5 minutes flat!

Some tips in helping you solve these puzzle fast are:

Learn to identify important patterns. Once you learn them and can identify them at first sight, you can solve them easily in no time.

Frequency of occurrence of numbers in the puzzle provides a key to select the right cells to tackle first.

Solving the puzzles in certain sequences leads to speedy solving, while other sequences slow you down.

These tips are just a few among many which can help one refine skills to solve sudoku. Interestingly even beginners can learn to solve most puzzles as fast as experts. This has got more to do with technique than with mathematics. Once you learn how to play web suduko you should learn to solve these faster, and prove to the world that you can do it too.

Adeel Shaikh is a doctor who has special interest in web suduko. To find out more about Web Suduko visit Easy Suduko