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Solving The Mortgage Puzzle

Something struck me yesterday after I got asked the question that all of us have been asked before, “What exactly does a Mortgage Broker or Loan Officer do?”

Most Mortgage folks say things like,

“I do mortgages”; “I sell money”; “I help people get their dream house.”

But my thought process, because I’m always looking at things in a different way so I can write about them, is such that I wanted to go deeper than these answers and get to the actual base of what we as Mortgage people do.

The more I thought about it, the more it became clear to me. Well, by clear I mean a different way as to how to describe what Mortgage folks do. It’s basically a puzzle for us. Yes, you read that right, the clarity I plan to describe to you is like a jigsaw puzzle. How did I come to this? Let me see if I can describe it. I’ll be using metaphors to assist me in doing so, just to let you know.

We, as mortgage people, have to put the pieces of this jigsaw puzzle we call mortgages together in the most efficient way possible. In order to do this, we have to know what the pieces of the puzzle are, right?

Well, the best that I can determine is this mortgage puzzle has 3 main pieces. The Borrower, the Property and the Lender. Now, within each of these pieces, there are sub pieces, which we’ll have to save for another time.

Now, these 3 main pieces can fit together in a bunch of different ways to create a nice picture of the puzzle box cover. The better we can make this pieces fit together, the more pretty we can make the box cover and therefore, more people may buy the box cover. (that’s a metaphor for getting referrals)

Just because of the multiple combinations of all these pieces (Borrower, Lender and Property), in this business, we can fit a square peg into a round hole and make it look good. Is it easy to do? Nope, but that’s the beauty of this business and that’s what YOUR JOB IS!

I know I may have just confused a few people, but really think about what I just described. The box cover is the closed deal. When all the pieces fall into place, you usually have a smooth transaction and your chances of referral business from that Borrower has just improved greatly.

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