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Squirrel Jigsaw Puzzle

Squirrel proof bird feeders are a great way to keep your feathered friends happy all year. Every year we put out bird seed and every year the bird feeders that are not squirrel proof bird feeders revive some unwanted guests. Squirrel proof bird feeders allow for birds only to access the bird seed inside.

When you are choosing a squirrel proof bird feeder there are a few options to consider. You need to decide if you want a hanging bird feeder, a platform bird feeder, window bird feeder, or a suet bird feeder. Whatever your bird feeder choice there are squirrel proof bird feeders of that style.

There are different features of a squirrel proof bird feeder. Some hanging squirrel proof bird feeders will have a weight-activated system to protect the seed inside. These squirrel proof bird feeders may also be double-sided to feed more birds at a time.

Some platform squirrel proof bird feeder may have a mesh so that the seeds fall through the mesh and the bird can peck the seeds through, but squirrels can not get their hands through the holes.

With a squirrel proof window bird feeder you can enjoy birds right at your widow. This is also an easy target for squirrels, so if you want your bird seed to last look at getting a squirrel proof window bird feeder.

Suet bird feeders are also a great addition to any yard. Suet allows birds to get the food and nutrients that they need all year long. With a suet feeder you can also buy squirrel proof suet feeders that have a cage around the suet to protect it from the squirrels.

What ever squirrel proof bird feeder you decided to buy, it can be found easily right here with these great links. When you buy your squirrel proof bird feeder donít forget to buy bird seed too!

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