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Sudoku - 7 Easy Steps to Win Sudoku Puzzles

Sudoku puzzles have become all the rage now. They are quick time fillers when you're waiting for a bus or taking a break at work.

And even better this type of game may help to keep your brain healthy. Boomers are always on the lookout for fun games to exercise those brain cells. Sudoku fills the bill.

But Sudoku puzzles are fun for anyone at any age. Here is an simple strategy to win easy type of sudoku puzzles.

1. The object of Sudoku is to fill in the missing numbers and there is only one correct place for each number in each row either across or up/down.

2. Start with the upper left block of 9 squares. Always work with just one block of 9 squares to fill in missing numbers.

3. Decide on the number you want to fill in. It may be best to look for the lowest number missing and go up as needed. In this example we'll use number 1 as the first missing number. Look across and down in all 6 rows for number 1. If you find 1 anywhere in any row, then eliminate that square (or those squares) as a possible choice for number 1.

4. After doing this with all 6 rows, if only one square remains as possible in that block of 9 then put number 1 in that square. This is the main point of this strategy. You are looking for numbers that have only one possible choice of squares to fill in within that block of 9. This is done by the process of elimination. Remember there is only one correct square for each number.

5. If, after checking all 6 rows across and up/down, there are 2 or more possible choices for number 1 then skip that number for now. You must reduce the number of squares that number 1 can be placed in to only one possible square. You do that by checking all 6 rows for that number and eliminating squares in rows that already have number 1. You will go back later and fill in any numbers you had to skip.

6. Repeat steps in this block for each missing number. Then proceed to the block below (or next ) to this block in the sudoku puzzle. Repeat steps.

7. As more blocks are filled in you can go back and fill in the squares you had to skip. You'll find it much easier to fill in now.

This simple strategy will help you complete easy Sudoku puzzles....have fun!

Bob Simmons is a baby boomer who loves online games. He's always on the lookout for games that boomers might enjoy. His blog located at Games for Boomers focuses on reviews of great games for boomers, tips for free game trials and video clips of game lessons.