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Sudoku Free Puzzles

You've had one too many close encounters with your boss or missed one too many appointments because of playing Sudoku. You are a Sudoku addict now. Tell your loved ones not to fret if you live and breathe Sudoku since it's actually good for you.

It is one addiction that is beneficial to one's brain. Having daily Sudoku doses ranks along with ten other non-traditional factors for boosting brain power as what an independent study of a science journal stated.

Better than a measly apple

Listening to classical music, eating high protein food and getting sufficient sleep and rest are other factors that don't involve traditional education that boosts brain power.

Incorporating daily Sudoku doses into everyday routine helps prevent and even stall the onslaught of Alzheimer's disease as what some tests shows. The next time you play too much of the game, tell them that you are only trying to get smarter while preventing the dreading Alzheimer's.

Bring your brain to the gym

Sudoku is a puzzle which entails concentration, logic and common sense. It is a better work out for your brain as you utilize more of these skills. Your brain needs daily workout to keep in shape and ward off defects just like your body needs exercise.

No matter what educational level one has achieved or how much they, IQ can always be increased through mental workouts like a daily Sudoku dose.

Core curriculum

Children should be encouraged to work on these puzzles because of its benefits that are very beneficial to one's brain and IQ. It can develop concentration and logical reasoning in children. As part of their classes, some schools have adopted Sudoku to stimulate the brain. Daily Sudoku doses...CONTINUE

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Written By Jed Baguio
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ASudoku a Day... Keeps The Doctor Away?