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Sudoku Puzzle Free Online

Sometimes what happens is you get so consumed with traffic or you get so consumed with search engine rankings or you get so consumed with list building and you get really good at one thing and everything else goes out the door - kind of like if you're doing a puzzle.

Say you're doing a puzzle, like a jigsaw puzzle, and it's a beautiful picture of a sky and it's also got a mountain and a lake. If all you focus on is the blue pieces up there at the sky and you like working blue pieces but you don't figure out any of the other pieces - the mountain pieces or the lake pieces or the house pieces or whatever else is on that picture - you're not going to have a complete puzzle.

It's kind of the same thing in internet marketing. If you have one piece, no matter how good you have it, if you can't link all the pieces together then most of the time you'll never be able to break through the $5,000, $10,000, and then the $15,000 mark online.

One thing that's very interesting that I've noticed is that once people break through say $1,000 online, then there's another level and they have to break through $5,000. Then once they get past that it's almost like the sky's the limit.

Once you get past $5,000 or so a month, it's kind of like you've got some consistent things going on and you can really build on that. You can build some bigger products and that kind of thing.

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