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Sudoku Puzzle On Line

The most popular promotional items are often those that serve a clear and necessary function—pens, mugs, mouse mats and key rings are all commonly-given promotional items that have an obvious purpose. However, promotional items don’t always have to be about utility—they can be fun, too! Step outside the square with some exciting and unusual promotional item ideas that are sure to provide hours of entertainment for your valued clients, customers and staff members.

  • Join the Electronic Sudoku Craze!Ever since Sudoku arrived on the scene a year or two ago, it has become an enormously popular alternative to the traditional crossword. A really fun item idea is an electronic version of this highly popular game that the owner can easily take with them wherever they go—these make ideal promotional items for valued clients and business associates, and are perfect for any client who spends lots of time traveling, or for someone who just loves Sudoku! Remember that batteries aren’t supplied in most cases—when you’re giving out electronic toys as items make sure you have a supply of batteries on hand to present along with the game.
  • Travel SetsTravel-worthy game sets are the ideal leisure item. Along with the much-loved Sudoku game, other travel game options include Chess and playing cards, which can of course provide hours of fun with a huge variety of card games. Sudoku Game Sets include a notebook, pencil, and Sudoku cards that provide up to 200 individual games of varying difficulty levels. A travel chess set is another excellent item idea, with a small chess board and playing pieces attractively presented in a zipped pouch. The chess board is equipped with peg holes, and the playing pieces with snug-fitting pegs, making this a very practical item item. The playing card set includes a deck of playing cards as well as a pencil and notebook for scoring, all enclosed in a handsome zippable black PVC traveling pouch. These types of items can make great holiday items for staff and clients, particularly those who travel often.
  • Puzzle Trays and Word GamesRemember puzzle trays—those maddeningly addictive little puzzles with movable tiles that create a picture when aligned correctly? They make fun promotional items, and starting at just less than ₤0.50 per item, they provide great value as give-away items and prizes. Choose from simple puzzle trays, or rulers with an integrated puzzle tray that make great desktop items. Magnetic word games are set to become very popular, too—these inexpensive little games provide lots of fun and humor, with up to 160 random words that can be used to make phrases, sentences, and even poetry. Each word is made from magnetized rubber that sticks easily to any metal surface, and each set also includes a magnetized piece printed with your company logo, too. All of these items are inexpensive and make ideal items and giveaways for trade shows, exhibitions, and any occasion where you want to give fun and interesting items that won’t cost the earth.
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