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While many of the toys of today have become high tech and many are made of plastic, there are still a variety of wooden children’s toys that are made. Wooden toys have been around for many years, and they are still quite popular today in spite of other toys that have been developed with today’s technology. Many times, wooden toys have proven to be much safer and cheaper as well. There are many different kinds of wooden toys that your children may enjoy playing with, and there is a good chance that mom and dad might enjoy playing with some of these toys as well.

Wooden Puzzles

Wooden puzzles are wooden toys that are made for children of a variety of ages. Some of these puzzles have pieces that are quite large and are suitable for young children, while other wooden puzzles have smaller pieces that are meant for older children. These puzzles are extremely fun to put together and teach children hand-eye coordination and how to solve problems on their own. These types of puzzles also look great when they are completed, and some people even choose to mount and frame them when they are completed.

Wooden Cars

Wooden cars are another favorite among wooden children’s toys. Cars made of wood have been around for years and were created long before Hot Wheels ever became popular. With wooden cars there is usually no need to worry about little parts falling off and being a choking hazard. Many older people enjoy wooden cars as well and have a variety of them as a part of a car collection. Other types of vehicles are made of wood as well such as trucks, airplanes, and helicopters.

Wooden Dollhouses

One type of wooden toys that little girls often enjoy playing with are wooden dollhouses. Whether you build the dollhouse yourself or purchase it already made, they are great fun. Children can also get dolls and furniture to go along with these houses, which makes for a great playing experience. Wooden dollhouses have been around for years, and now they have even more exciting options than ever before with some dollhouses coming with Jacuzzi’s and swimming pools to make them more modern.

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