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Sudoku Puzzles To Print

There is a wide array of critical thinking books on the market to choose from. While some are good and present beneficial information, many are a waste of time to even bother with. "Money Puzzles" is one of the elite critical thinking and financial literacy book you will come across, which is exactly why you should jump on the opportunity in front of you.

Too many critical thinking books present similar information, but differ because of reworded phrasing. People get tired of reading the same details that are just said differently. It is fresh and enticing information that attracts the public, which is exactly why "Money Puzzles" has climbed toward the top so quickly. Here are 4 ways this book differs from any other like it.

1. Directly related to the services provided by your company.

Critical thinking books tend to focus on one facet of a business or problem. All this does is limit the amount of usage you can get out of the book. "Money Puzzles" is an extremely versatile book that you can apply to virtually any kind of company you work for. It is guaranteed that you will be able to directly relate the book to the services that are provided by your company.

2. Effects multiple facets of your life.

When you read the book title "Money Puzzles: On Critical Thinking and Financial Literacy", you probably assume you are going to get a bunch of information on finance and money. While there is a great deal of information in regards to this, the book also branches out into many other facets. You will learn a number of different ways of thinking including strategic, lateral, and commercial thinking.

3. Open to everyone.

Critical thinking and financial books often are advanced and throw nonsense terms in the text to confuse the reader. This book does a great job at targeting a wide audience as oppose to solely businessmen. Because of this, it is a book that teenagers, adults, and the family as a whole can enjoy.

4. Lasts life long.

It is true, no mater what profession you are in it is going to evolve over time. As things evolve, so too does the information that you will need to know. But "Money Puzzles" is a book that you will be able to use your entire life because of the information provided and the way it is presented.

"Money Puzzles" truly is a critical thinking book like none other on the market. From affecting all facets of your life to being applicable life long, this is a book that can change the way you look at the business world.

About Author:

Dr Sergiy Klymchuk is an Associate Professor of the School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences at the Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand.

He has 27 years' experience teaching university mathematics in different countries. His PhD was in differential equations and recent research interests are in mathematics education.

He has more than 130 publications including several books on popular mathematics and science that have been, or are being, published in 11 countries: New Zealand, USA, Germany, Greece, Mexico, Poland, Ukraine, India, Singapore, Korea and China.