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Sudoku: Whats It All About

Sudoku came to become a sensation in the United States and in Europe from unknown parts of Japanese gaming industry. It's just a simple number game that causes so much stir in the world.

Newspapers and the Internet

Newspapers and so many sites are dedicated to the sudoku addicts, giving advice, tips and free downloadable game everyday. Newspapers in the United Kingdom like Times have already subscribed to this gaming phenomenon.

Hundreds to thousands of downloadable games can be found in the World Wide Web. You can download or purchase programs that generate thousands of sudoku puzzles in different levels of difficulty. In forums and sites that are dedicated to sudoku addicts, new players can find out everything they need to know and even ask moderators for some personalized advice about the game.

But what is sudoku and how did it come about?

Sudoku is a numerical game composed of 9 rows, 9 columns and 9 boxes with 9 places each. It does not need to have a strong mathematical skill to solve the puzzle. You need to figure out the proper placements of each number in which no addition or subtraction involved.

Its objective is to place numbers in each square. The catch is that the number 1-9 should only appear once in the column, the row and in each square per box. The little "catch" makes it all the more maddening.

The word sudoku means placement puzzles. It was in Japan where it became a sensation in the 1980s but it was supposedly created by an American constructor named Howard Garnes in the 1970s...CONTINUE

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Written By Jed Baguio
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Sudoku:What's It All About?