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The Development of Word Find Puzzles

Word Find puzzles have a unique place in our collective hearts. Many of us have worked a word find or two when we were waiting on the bus or simply having coffee. The word find is a great way to exercise the mind a little and remind us of a few neurons that we may have forgot existed.

The word find is used in just about every news publication and many magazines as filler and for entertainment. They learned early on in publication that people will buy more newspapers and do so consistently if there is something in the paper that they have to regularly look forward to. This ‘discovery’ led to the creation of many favored fillers, such cartoons, horoscopes, advice columns and the beloved word find.

From there word finds found their way into their very own books or puzzle books. Some people loved the word finds and other word games so much that there became a demand for puzzle books. These books are usually published on newsprint and are bound in paperback because they are intended to be cheap enough to toss out or recycle as you complete all of the puzzles. These books make nice gifts for older puzzle maniacs, and a themed kid's puzzle book makes a great addition to the yearly Easter basket if you feel guilty about all that candy.

From there the word find made the jump to the personal computer with many software companies creating word find and other puzzle making software. Later with the advent of the internet word find puzzles broadened their horizons into the world wide web and thus we have a range of sites that offer free word find puzzles, themed word finds and even a couple sites that allow one to create their own word find.

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