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The Five Most Addicting Games of All Time

Every person who loves games has their favorites. But not all games are addicting games - even those considered classics, like Monopoly. I'm a die-hard fan of addicting games - those that you'll stay up playing until the wee hours of the morning, or those that get worn out from so much use. My choices for the five most addicting games of all time might not be yours, but if you haven't played them in awhile, give them a try - you may be pleasantly surprised!

Board Games

Of the classics, Scrabble will always be in my top ten. I love words, and although I'd never make it to the Scrabble championships, I get enormous satisfaction out of coming up with clever words. Sometimes the tiles just won't cooperate, but I've been known to sacrifice points for the sheer pleasure of placing a clever word on the board.

Again, because I'm such a fan of words, I love the game Taboo. It's a totally addicting game for four players where you have to get your partner to say a certain word without uttering that word - or any form of it - yourself. It's an enormous challenge, but one that's an absolute hoot!

Another truly addicting game is called Therapy. It's one of those unique board games you need to play with people you know - or people you'd like to get to know a lot better! Each player has his or her own couch, and each player has to answer trivia questions about different life stages that are based on psychological research. When you land in a "therapy" space, you're "in therapy" with the player who owns the space. He or she has to predict how you'd answer a personality question. If your answers match, you're out of therapy; if they don't, you have to stay for another session. It's both hilarious and insightful!

Card Games

I find many types of card games addictive - from hearts to rummy to pinochle - but as far as specialty card games go, I'll choose Uno every time. My family actually has a much-anticipated Uno tournament every Fourth of July. I love the way alliances quickly change, depending upon who is on the verge of going out, and the utter desperation you feel when you have a fistful of cards.

My second choice of specialty card game would be Uno's cousin, Skip-Bo. It's a great kid's game for the whole family, since anyone who can count up to 12 can play it. It's been great watching it dawn on my son that there's a strategy to the game, and seeing him hold back cards so that he could play a greater number of cards in his next turn. When we go to my sister's house to visit, we all play for hours at a time.

Other Games and Puzzles

I haven't included any video games or jigsaw puzzles in my personal list of the most addicting games of all time, but they very well may be included in your list. Whatever your personal favorites, but all means, play often and play well!

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