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The New Revolution of Jigsaw Puzzle – 3D Wooden Puzzle

Now a day when people thinking about jigsaw puzzle, their mind is picturing hundreds or thousands precut pieces that took them days and weeks to assemble together for adults or just few piece that easy assemble for kids. These two dimensional puzzles are either too hard that exhausting peoples energy or too easy that losing peoples interest. When I first met 3D wooden puzzles, I was surprised by these new creatures. Imagine that you have world trade center, statue of liberty, submarine, dinosaur, dragon, etc all favorite collections that constructed with your own hand as 3D models. You will be so proud of yourself. As a puzzle fan, I can’t wait to introduce this new invention to the public.

3D wooden puzzles are made from high quality plywood. Each puzzle is packed with wooden boards, assembling instruction and sand paper. To assemble, follow the instruction and carefully push out precut pieces from wooden board and then interlock the area with same number. It is much easier than the jigsaw puzzle with couple hundreds pieces. 3D wooden puzzles are excellent educational tools for kids to improve hand-eye coordination, to develop different visualization and creativity, and to learn how to organize a work process. Putting a 3D wooden puzzle together will help kids gain better knowledge of the structure of a 3 dimensional object. 3D wooden puzzles are not only good for kids but adults too. While concentrate on constructing a 3D wooden puzzle, your mind would be free from any stresses, pressures and negations. The finished model will make you feel the joys of achievement, confidence and completeness. puzzle center offers many series of 3D wooden puzzles. The dinosaur series inspire children to take interest in the prehistoric live beings and learn different dinosaur skeleton structure. The animal series contains wild animal and twelve Chinese lucky symbols which help people know more about Chinese traditional customs and culture. The building series shows magnificent outline of the famous architecture around the world. The stationary series cultivates youth's love of all helpful sports, the ability of self-reliance and cherish of working achievement. And there are much more.

3D wooden puzzles are not just jigsaw puzzles. They are educational tool, toys and 3D models. As woodcraft kits, they are also elegant home office decorations and collections. They are great gifts for your children, friends, lovers and co-workers.

Ling Xu is a senior programmer working as web designer for small business. The 3D wooden puzzles referred to in this article can be purchased at puzzle center. The above article is free to copy and post as long as the content and links are unedited.