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The Odyssey Crossword Puzzle Answers

The very first Honda minivan that can now be accessed easily by wheelchair-bound people is now on sale. This is according to an announcement given out by VMI. The minivan is the Honda Odyssey and it was Northstar who did the conversion.

The new Honda Odyssey has been specifically redesigned by Northstar. According to the latter, they made sure that everything with regards to the Honda Odyssey was changed so as to suit and keep the accessing of wheelchair users easier. Even the design, validation processes, and engineering were completely looked over. Perhaps only the exterior auto parts Honda seemed to be those that were not changed. Northstar also does say that this project of theirs is actually the latest in their list of lowered floor side entry minivan conversion.

So far, the Honda Odyssey has been recognized through various awards from automotive groups and organizations. The list of recognition does include the Best Overall Van Value of the Year from IntelliChoice and the Best Overall Minivan of the Year from the same group.

Doug Eaton is the president and chief executive officer of VMI (the company that would be selling the new version of the Honda Odyssey) and he says, “Honda is a recognized leader in the automotive industry in quality, resale value, and ride and handling. The Odyssey is the benchmark of product quality in the minivan segment and it strengthens our product lineup. We believe that accessibility of the Odyssey will achieve the level of performance that demanding Honda customers expect.”

As per Honda’s end, this new version of the Honda Odyssey is going to be a great achievement for them. John Watts does say, “The agreement between Honda and VMI extends the reach of Honda, making Honda derived vehicles more accessible to more customers than ever before. Honda is a mobility company at its core, and offering wheelchair accessibility is consistent with our philosophy.” Watts is the product planning manager for the company.

If you are going to take a look at this new Honda Odyssey, you would most certainly find more room in the interior. Also, the floor has been lowered eleven inches to give those in wheelchairs a better view and a better handling.

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