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Themed Crossword Puzzles

A Halloween themed baby shower is a great idea for a baby due in October. Halloween is a great holiday to center a party around because it allows for many opportunities. There are so many Halloween ideas that a person could make this a party not soon to be forgotten.

The first step of any shower is to send out invitations. With a Halloween themed baby shower the hostess just has to make sure she puts a message on the invitation about costumes. Every Halloween party needs costumes, but since this is a Halloween themed baby shower everyone should have to wear a baby themed costume. This is only part of the fun.

Decorations should include all the typical Halloween décor. Spider webs, witch hats and black cats are a must have, but to pay up the fact the party is really a baby shower not a typical Halloween party, the hostess should use spider webs with small baby items caught in them, witches hats on baby witches and black kittens.

Games are the next place to really play up the theme. Bobbing for pacifiers is a nice game that ties in both the baby shower and Halloween theme. Another good one is the ‘smell the diaper’ game that uses candy.

In addition to games and decorations, the Halloween costumes will really make the party a blast. Halloween themed baby shower ideas are abundant, so anyone planning on using this theme should have no problem getting the party together.

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