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Thirteen Colonies Games And Word Find Puzzle

Should we be looking at a 100-year plan to unite the Human Colonies in Space? What if we set up the Federation Colonies or the Space Franchise System (SFS)? Would that be a plan? Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, Ben Bova and many well known SciFi authors have indeed written about such things over the years.

Indeed as a Franchisor Founder I too have considered this way-out idea and the thought of setting up Franchises in Space. I have considered the Space Colony Franchise System, as it does make sense. Franchising a business on Earth is simple and I wonder why everyone else can't see it, it is so obvious to me really. A franchising of space colonies makes sense. In Fact a Global Franchise System here on Earth makes perfect sense too; to unite all the nations of the World in a common cause.

Should we come up with a 100-year plan now for the future franchising of space colonies to insure peace and collaboration in the exploration of space? Well, I have good genes and no doubt will live well over 100 years old. By then they will have was to increase life expectancy to 50 more and then who knows? So, perhaps others might take this on a project and franchise human colonies in space, manís final frontier; or is it? Consider all this in 2006.

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