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Three Secrets To Achieving Your Goals

Have you done jigsaw puzzles before?What guided you to complete the jigsaw puzzle?Probably you have to constantly look at the completed picture as you piece-up one by one.Let’s do another jigsaw puzzle. This time, the completed picture is shown to you once only and taken away.Can you complete the puzzle?Well, unless you have a photographic memory, you will take a much ,much longer time or you may not even be able to complete it…. if it is a 10,000 piece jigsaw puzzle.

Life is like the jigsaw puzzle.At some stages in our lives, we are tested on our competency in managing relationships, managing health, managing money, managing the higher purpose in life.Each of these areas is very much like the individual pieces of the jigsaw puzzle.Suppose you advance your time forward for now?Imagine 5 years from now and 10 years from now.For each of the categories, what are the outcomes you desire?Write down these goals.

For example, for money, if you are earning $30,000 per year now, you may desire to earn $100,000 and $500,000 in 5 and 10 years respectively.You have got to write them down. They represent the completed picture, like the jigsaw puzzle.If you do not write the goals down, it is as good as seeing the completed picture once.Hopefully by now you realized that you have to constantly look at the completed picture in order to complete your jigsaw puzzle.

Not convinced that you have to write down your goals?Perhaps some data may cause you to re-think.There was a case study done in the Yale University in the fifties. 3% of the population in a class had written goals.Twenty years later, the same panel interviewed the surviving members of the class.The 3% has a combined financial value that exceeded the total combined financial value of the remaining 97% of the population who had not written down their goals.

If you are now convinced that you need to write down your goals, the next step is to plan to see them.Let’s do a little exercise to drive home the message.Imagine you are in your sitting room. Look at an object. It has to be about a few feet away from you. The further the distance, the better.Stand up, close your eyes and turn a few rounds.Now walk towards your object.Can you reach it?Now repeat the exercise but this time, after turning a few rounds, keep your eyes open and move towards the object.Can you reach the object?You may stagger or wobble but you will reach your object or goal.So, you see, it is important that after writing down your goals, the next step is that you need to see your target or your goals; otherwise you will not achieve them.

Tip: Make copies of your goals and paste them on your bath mirror, carry a copy in your wallet and paste one beside your pc.

The last secret to achieving your goals is to continue to see, see and see them or focus.This simple exercise will help you understand the power of focus.You are back at your sitting room. Look around for one minute and take note on all objects in brown.Close your eyes now.Recall the number of items….not in brown but objects in blue.See, what you focus is what you get.

There you have it.Just write your goals down. Do it now!Look at your goals as often as you can.Focus on your goals regularly.Three simple steps.Three power steps.

Many people know what to do but few people do what they know.Are you the 3% or the 97%?Your destiny will change, starting today!

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