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Using Jigsaw Puzzles To Enrich Your Child

For years, jigsaw puzzles have been sold as educational. They are said to do wonders for one's mood and brain. But how much of this claim is true and how much is only marketing ploy?

What Educators Say

Jigsaw puzzles are somewhat food for the mind, educators believe. Jigsaw puzzles inspire the brain and trigger educational process on various stages. They have the capacity to enhance a kid's perception, evaluation, reasoning, and logic. Moreover, jigsaw puzzles entail visual awareness and the use of eye-hand coordination.

What Parents Perceive

Perhaps your kid is puzzled about the different states. So you just decide that playing the puzzle will allow him or her describe the locations of the states and thus ensure a better opportunity of having an edge in geography.

However, you might not remember that he might not be completely a genius. From the jigsaw puzzle, all he gets to remember are short-term details. Your kid may forget them for quite a while. He or she might have to do the activity over and over again. The ending, though, is that he or she only learns to memorize the placements of these pieces in the puzzles.

What Educators Advise

Jigsaw puzzles are useful but not entirely wondrous. In the end, if your daughter works on her puzzle, her focus on the states and where they are is limited to the process of finishing the puzzle. The key then is to develop the educational value of jigsaw puzzles or other puzzles in general. This can be done by making it a portion of a bigger educational objective. A kid may be able to understand the learning process more efficiently if these jigsaw puzzles are included in a broader learning goal. This way, the education your child gets will not be limited by the jigsaw puzzles only.

A parent might begin identifying the states initially for the child. Make the states memorable for her by narrating an interesting story about every one. Later, the child will have the opportunity to know the state's location with the help of a jigsaw puzzle.

Why Jigsaw Puzzles Help

Jigsaw puzzles are truly fun. More so, when you can without difficulty learn through what you perceive. A child can see how different pieces can make a complete image.

A child learns better too since he gets to apply directly his problem-solving capacities as well as simulation abilities.

Bear in mind though that what he learns only becomes more essential if it is bound to a lesson. Hence, aside from letting puzzles part of the educational tools, he should also associate the puzzle to some information worthy of being kept.

Truly, your mind becomes more energetic as well as healthier with puzzles. Yet so are your heart and your soul.

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