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Wannabe Sudoku Lovers - Try Free Sudoku Puzzles First

If you havenít heard about it yet, free Sudoku puzzles are all the rage when it comes to gaming; the term Ďgamingí by no means implies an action game or even a video game but a logic puzzle that challenges the mind and intrigues the fancy of any gamer who just has to win at all costs.

Surely you have seen the Sudoku puzzle books in the line at the grocery store, or come across them on the web; you might have even wondered what they are and how you could have possibly missed them but donít feel bad--Sudoku puzzles are a relatively new fad in puzzles and they are sold in books by the dozen, not to mention the plethora of free Sudoku puzzles that are available on the World Wide Web.

The free Sudoku puzzles on the web consist of 81 squares, set up on a grid that is nine squares wide by nine squares high. The game is all about numbers, challenging the user mentally while still managing to provide entertainment like any other game; if they could be compared to anything free Sudoku puzzles would be comparable to the cross word puzzles of the number world--they arenít always easy and you canít always beat them but they manage to remain an addiction for people all over the United States and in other parts of the world as well. The same goes for Sudoku puzzles.

Just as it is with crossword puzzles, the idea behind the free Sudoku puzzles on the web is the challenge the brain. Some of the squares on the grid have already been filled in for you; after that it is just a matter of using the right techniques to get the puzzle solved. Oddly enough there are Sudoku enthusiasts all over the world who can solve these puzzles in just a few minutes; different people adopt different strategies as far as solving those puzzles goes and that is something that every up and coming Sudoku enthusiast has to work on.

So, what are you waiting for? IF you are ready to try Sudoku challenges for yourself look up one of the many sites on the web that offer free Sudoku puzzles; after trying the free puzzles you will know if Sudoku is for you and then you can proceed to buy books or online memberships to Sudoku sites or whatever it is that you want to do to get into Sudoku puzzles; the puck doesnít stop at the free Sudoku puzzles on the web. Hop on your computer and check out some of the great free puzzles on the web today!

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