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Word Scramble Puzzles from News to Internet

The history of our beloved word scramble puzzles is much the same as that of word find puzzles and other types of word games. Initially they gained popularity through the widespread medium of the newspaper, then they moved on to their own word scramble and word game books and finally they moved on to the personal computer and from there hopped onto the web as it too gained in popularity.

Word scramble puzzles and other word games are popular because they entertain while exercising some rarely used brain cells. A person sitting down to their breakfast of coffee and donuts can work the daily word scramble in their local newspaper and feel a little bit better, a little bit smarter.

Word scramble puzzles are also good mediums for learning in the classrooms. Lots of kids would rather work a few word scrambles on words that they are learning the meanings of rather than writing the word in a sentence and putting down its definition. Many teachers do use word scrambles and other word games to encourage learning in the classroom through fun. Often these games offer a small treat for the student who finishes the fastest.

Now a days you can find a word scramble on the internet to print out or work online with a few clicks of the mouse. No longer must you wait for the newspaper each day or go out to the store to purchase a new word games book. The sites that offer word scramble puzzles usually offer a couple of other word games and often they can be found with themes for fun or for use at a themed party. Word scrambles can be great to give to the kids at the next birthday party when you are looking for a few minutes to sit down and relax.

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