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Working Word Search Puzzles the Right Way

Word search puzzles can be are difficult to solve. Some puzzles end up being infinitely difficult with large search areas, numerous words, and extremely long words. Not to mention that the words in a word search puzzle can be placed downwards, upwards, backwards, forwards, and diagonally. Thatís a lot of different ways for the words to be placed and you may not always catch every word.

Itís best to develop an organized method to your word search madness and have a better chance of finding all the words hidden in your word search puzzle. This way you will be more efficient in your word search as well.

Try starting your search for words at the top of the puzzle and moving from left to right work your way down the puzzle line by line. While doing this keep an eye out for words in general but also try to pick out a word from your word list to be looking for specifically. Itís easier if you just look for the first letter of that specific word while you are searching. When you find that specific letter you are looking for check the surrounding six letters in each direction of that first letter. If any of them match the second letter in the word you are looking for then its possible that youíve found your word. Continue along checking the subsequent letters in the chain. If it forms a word then youíve found it, if you come across a letter that doesnít match then move on with your search.

Once youíve reached the bottom of the word search puzzle with the left to right search start again at the top and search up and down vertically while moving from the farthest left vertical line to the farthest right. Follow the same search pattern and once youíve reached the end you should have found most of the words.

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