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You Can Now Email, Host, Or Post Sudoku Puzzles Online - Free!

From now on, you type host your Sudoku puzzles, or email them to your friend, or post in Forums. Or even participate in Sudoku Solving competitions, and email just the url of your solution. Absolutely free.

Have you ever tried to share a Sudoku with a friend thru email, or through postings in forums/ groups/ discussion boards? If so, you'll know what a pain it is. Everyday, millions of Sudoku enthusiasts the world over try to solve Sudoku puzzles. Thousands of them try to share their Sudokus, puzzles solutions, and even intermediate steps. And it's such a pain.

Why is it a pain? Because you have to create your own text-based Table, or type in the numbers in Text form with dots/ dashes for the blank Cells? For example, something like,


How completely awkward and time consuming? Does this look like a Sudoku? It's still worse for the readers. Can they try to solve it, as it is? They have to carefully copy your numbers on to paper or on to their Computer, using some template before making any sense of it! Well, you can now breathe easy!

A new 'Free Sudoku Host' website has been created which permits you to just pop in YOUR Sudoku puzzle, and then send it ANYWHERE you want thru the net. The site is appropriately named 'Free Sudoku, it lets you host your Sudoku puzzle for the whole world to see, if you want.

Just type in your Sudoku numbers in the appropriate Cells on a large Sudoku screen. Then hit the 'Submit' button. It's that simple. The site will give you a URL that you can copy & paste into an email, or post in any discussion board. When the recipients click on this link, they'll be taken to a page where they can see YOUR Sudoku puzzle, ... just like you entered!!! (No more funky text tables and ASCii number jumbles).

And the best part is ... the people to whom you send the puzzle can even try to SOLVE your Sudoku right on the web page they land on. And it's absolutely free for them too!

The screen will permit them to make additions, deletions and changes to the empty cells, ... but NOT the Cells you've already filled in. They can try to solve your puzzles 'in situ', on the screen.

From now on, you can even host your own Sudoku Challenges. Every day! Absolutely free! All you have to do is visit:

Harvey Intelm 'Compulsive Sudoku Addict Beyond All Hope And Reason'

Harvey Intelm is a "Compulsive Sudoku Addict Beyond All Hope And Reason". A retired Math teacher, he learnt to solve Sudokus from his 12-year old granddaughter. Now Harvey specializes in Sudokus and spends all his time creating his own "Sudoku Village". Among his reasons for Sudoku addiction are: Keeping the brain cells active, warding off Alzheimers, stress relief, enjoying the challenge, competition and success, and intellectual satisfaction.